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POS-(Point Of Sale) is a management system that helps businessmen to track and manage the business easily, efficiently and effectively

It does the following functions:

  • Make and track sales.
  • Track purchases.
  • Track expenses.
  • Calculate and file VAT returns.
  • Manage customers and credits.
  • Manage business banking activities.
  • Calculates business profit and losses.
  • Prepares balance sheet.
  • Prepares and make business reports any time.
  • Remote business access and control (you are able to control the business and access any information from anywhere over the PHONE)
Benefits of using cloud based accounting and bookkeeping software

You are still using the traditional accounting and bookkeeping methods to maintain your financial records?
It’s time to switch from traditional accounting methods to cloud based accounting software.
Here are some benefits of using cloud-based accounting software:
1: Access from anywhere:
You can access your financial data from anywhere using your laptop and mobile at any time. It’s very to take control your finances and makes timely decisions.
2: Multiple Users:
Cloud based accounting and bookkeeping software allows multiple users to access the same data. In this easy all team members of specific department can access the data and stay updated.

3: Increase Security:
Your financial data is more secure if you use cloud based accounting and bookkeeping software. It’s hard for hackers to hack your important data.
4: Backups:
Your financial data is automatically back up if you use cloud based accounting and bookkeeping software. You don’t worry about losing your important information or no need to manually backup your financial data.
5: Easy Hiring:
It’s easy for business owners to hire a bookkeeper and accountant from anywhere in the world. Using cloud-based accounting software the accountant and bookkeeper do their job remotely from any part of the world.
Why you are waiting for? Switch to cloud based accounting and bookkeeping software and makes your life easier

Accounting Services

We do CUSTOMIZED SYTEMS FROM SRATCH In accordance to client's requirements.

These activities enables the owner and the manager of the company/institution to know the profit or losses incurred in the business and generally gets any financial report easily at the click of button.

  • Invoicing/Receipts
  • Customer statements
  • Customer balances
  • Customer payments
  • Sales order
  • Credit notes
  • Financial reports
  • Supplier balances & statements
  • Supplier payments
  • Purchase orders
  • Expenses & petty cash payments & reports
  • Bank deposits & balances
  • Profit & loss reports
  • Inventory tracking {e.g uniform purchase, issuance, retrieval, transfer & balances}
  • Inventory movement reports
  • Remote System Access via phone or laptop anywhere in the world(CLOUD VERSION)
  • Send invoices & statements via e-mail
  • Cost of materials
  • Manufacturing module – combination of raw materials to get finished product
  • BRANCHES / OUTLET monitoring rom HQ, control ll your branches from one point.