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BULK SMS PROGRAM help facilitate and make easy communication within the institution in a very fast and efficient and effective way. The program allows an individual to send one sms to multiple people even one million people at ago within seconds through the computer at only 1= per sms per page across all networks. The recipient receives the sms with senders’ user ID[name of institution] e.g like safaricom sms when received in a phone it does not display number but only the name ‘safaricom’ likewise our system will display the name of institution.


  1. The message is sent with a user ID e.g the institution name i.e NANDI COUNTY or department name i.e like when an individual receives Safaricom sms the contact name appears “SAFARICOM”/”M-PESA” messages from Safaricom or “KCB” from KCB Bank. Hence the recipients comprehends immediately the sender of the message instead of a mobile number or codes of which can be manipulated by con men.
  2. Instead of scrolling through the phone to add phone numbers, the system formats numbers in groups and contacts are always intact in such a way that the user only types the message, e.g groups of CEO’s, MCA’s, you just type the message and check the DIRECTORS group and the message is sent instantly to all of them.
  3. Already sent messages are stored in the system and at any given time it can be retrieved and resend again.
  4. The memory is unlimited and therefore unlimited number of contacts and messages can be stored for future reference.
  5. The system automatically backup data in cloud backup space therefore in case the computer crushes the system is intact and cannot be formatted and all data can be easily retrieved back.
  6. You can send specific/different messages to specific/different individuals.
  7. Help the county government to communicate with its stakeholders, employees and the public very easily and effectively, it is also cost effective since it is cheap.
  1. Cost Effective Mode of Promotion: IT costs Kshs. 1 per sms per page across all networks . With bulk SMS you can easily send personalized messages along with brand names and several essential information.
  2. Time Saving Mode: You can send your message to millions of mobile numbers/Groups in an instant, this is obviously the easiest and the most time saving means to reach people and provide information about your latest products, services, offers and alerts etc.
  3. Easy Branding: By sending Bulk SMS you can easily configure your Sender ID which can easily be the name of your Company, Business, Products or Services. Thus promoting your Brand name is a lot easier with the help of Bulk SMS.
  4. Wide Market: You can easily send Bulk SMS worldwide from any particular point therefore you can easily send your information throughout the world within seconds. And the mobile numbers you have target to send you message would receive the SMS at the same time and at the same price.
  5. Convenient Way: The Bulk SMS service is available any time 24X7. And therefore the message can easily be sent according to user convenience through the Web.
  6. Effective Response: With the use of Bulk SMS the response rate is very high therefore while using Bulk SMS service high response is always expected.
  7. Volume of Bulk SMS: The most important advantage of Bulk SMS is the volume of receivers. One can easily send the same message to thousands and more people at the same time in a single click with the use of Bulk SMS.
  8. Delivery Time: The delivery if Bulk SMS is almost immediate unless the mobile of the receiver is switched off.
  9. Tracking: Tracking bulk SMS is also quite easy as anyone can do individual SMS tracking for any volume of SMS Delivery.
  10. Single Click Solution: One of the most interesting features of Bulk SMS is that the message can easily be send to millions of mobile phone numbers at just one click.
  11. Move without Technical Knowledge: Using of Bulk SMS services is so easy that there is no need to have any sort of technical knowledge to send them.